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Kapha and Spring Allergies

Spring brings in such beautiful growth in nature and in Aotearoa it is accompanied by lighter evenings and longer days, more heat in our sun, baby lambs all over our countryside and a sense of renewed energy. For some it also brings allergies, congestion, watery eyes, a runny nose and hay fever as our immune systems respond a little too vigorously to a perceived threat resulting from seasonal winds blowing pollen into our atmosphere.

In Ayurveda allergy symptoms in spring are known as an excess of Kapha dosha and can be quite frustrating, leading to a build up of mucous in the sinuses and a feeling of ‘heaviness’ and a sluggish digestion. Elevated Kapha can cause food sensitivities or allergies to dairy products like milk, yoghurt and cheese, and also to wheat, cucumber, or watermelon. In Spring these foods are more likely to aggravate kapha types of allergies.

A nice way to help reduce symptoms internally is to drink honey water or ginger and lemon tea daily. You can also use more spice in your meals – including cayenne, pepper, cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, sage, basil and ginger. A guide is to try to go towards warm and dry foods rather than cold and wet. Buy some local honey and use this as your sweetener as this trick can reduce sensitivities to local pollens.

Up the exercise to lighten the body – yoga or walking are a good start if you’ve had a break from exercise over winter.

Our Kapha perfume oil has been created to balance the Kapha dosha and has all of the appropriate pure essential oils to assist with this, including ginger, sweet orange, juniper & cypress, alongside sinus-clearing Manuka botanical extract. It’s been created to bring warmth to the system and is an incredibly uplifting, happy and energising perfume. Not just a beautiful scent – it’s a little healing helper too!