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The Benefits of Jasmine

Jasmine is held-high as a sattvic flower in Ayurveda as it is trusted to open the heart chakra that is responsible for love for self and for others. Jasmine treats vitiated vata and pacifies pitta and kapha.

Researchers from German University Bochum found that having a jasmine plant in your bedroom can be more effective than sleeping pills, anxiety medications and sedatives, as it increases the GABA effect more than five times.

Participants who inhaled jasmine in the air assessed their level of anxiety at a lower level and performed cognitive tests more quickly.

In our cold Winter when jasmine isn’t flowering you can try burning a Jasmine essential oil which also is an effective natural way to improve sleep, increase happiness, regulate hormones and treat anxiety and fatigue. It can be used to improve concentration, relieve cramps and relieve mild depression. (contraindicated while pregnant)

So keep a jasmine in your room and you will reap all the benefits of this incredible plant!