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Mooondance : Perfume Oil (30ml)


Made naturally by us, for the next generation of perfume wearers.  A modern, young, and vibrant interpretation of a shot of adrenaline, the necessary energy for a sweet life.

Mooondance – named in honour of our dreamy moon to celebrate her deep and divine connection to the feminine energy.  With 3 moons symbolising her full, waxing and waning phases, reminding that each month we too go through different lunar energies.

Mooondance – the dance of the free-spirited.  The ones who move to their own tune, to the beat of their unique inner drum, unapologetic.  The ones who have danced to the moon and stars at midnight, like our ancestors have since the beginning of time.  Around open fires, in bars, at parties, in bedrooms where no one can see!


Mooondance is for the dreamers, adventurers and lovers of life.  For the young and the young at heart.


Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, vanilla, tuberose, coffee, organic peach.

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